About Us

CV. Juragan Karya is a company engaged in Commodity Supply, specifically in providing Spices and herbs. Since its establishment, CV. Juragan Karya has been trusted by national and international companies. Dedicated to providing high quality products, we aim to meet our customers’ needs by offering the best products from reliable farmers and producers.

With a focus on quality and sustainability, we maintain strong relationships with farmers and business partners, enabling us to deliver fresh and high-quality products to our customers. We also ensure that all our production and procurement processes are conducted ethically and responsibly, for the sake of environmental and social sustainability.

With a professional and experienced team, we strive to provide the best service to our customers, including timely delivery and responsive customer support.

Continuously seeking growth and development, CV. Juragan Karya always explores new opportunities to expand our product range and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our Vision

To become a leading provider in the Commodity Supply industry, with a focus on superior quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We are determined to be a globally recognized trusted partner in offering high quality fresh products spices and herbs, delivering added value to our customers and society as a whole.

Our Mission

Our Value

Quality Excellence

We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality. Through rigorous sourcing and quality control processes, we ensure that our spices and herbs meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


Environmental and social responsibility are at the core of our operations. We strive to make sustainable choices in our production and procurement processes, promoting long-term environmental preservation and supporting the wellbeing of our local communities.

Integrity and Ethics

Honesty, transparency, and ethical practices are the foundation of our business. We conduct our operations with integrity, ensuring fair and responsible treatment of all stakeholders, including our farmers, business partners, and customers.

Our Team

Hafizah Putri


Febry Mustafat Ridwan

Direktur operasional

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